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For Leaders

We have a considerable experience in leader training, thus we can propose different kinds of projects designed to improve leadership competencies for beginners as well as those who already have experience in leadership. Managers of different levels of various organizations as well as managers of different business sectors during our trainings gain useful knowledge and form skills, which are further successfully applied at their direct work. We have been working with managers fromLithuaniaand abroad, thus, we prepare training projects considering the demands of a particular organization. We can propose two-day training projects with additional courses for the enhancement of the knowledge gained and the development of skills as well as continuous training projects for versatile development of leadership competencies. The content of the trainings, terminology, situations analysed as well as practical tasks are adopted considering the activity of the organization, the maturity of the group of managers and their experience in leadership.     

The Main Programmes:


Situational Leadership (the training can also be held remotely)


Positive Leadership (the training can also be held remotely)


Effective Performance Appraisal Interview (the training can also be held remotely)

Fundamentals of Effective Feedback (the training can also be held remotely)

Public Speaking. Effective Presentation and Persuasion.  

Team Leadership     


Leadership training programme is always discussed with the management of the organization. Only through cooperation we reach the best solution and create the biggest value for you and your organization. 

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