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Ritoldas Narmontas

 “The greatest challenge in life is to overcome your own established limits and to go as far as you have never dreamt of”.

Paul Gauguin 

The founder of the Sėkmės Laboratorija Consulting Company, a consultant, expert coach, certified couching supervisor, certified member of the global organization ICMCI. His specializations include organizational development, management, communication, public speaking and oratory as well as professional sales. Ritoldas leads training projects for leaders and experienced sales specialists and team building/motivational events in russian, english and lithuanian languages.    


Ritoldas has learnt from and cooperated with different international training and consulting companies, like Ken Blanchard companies (USA), Wilson Learning (USA), Barbara Pachter & associates (USA), Center for Management & Organizational Effectiveness (USA), Mailleux & associates (Belgium).


Ritoldas has completed 6 year extramural studies to adults in compliance with the programme “Break Through to Peak Performance” (USA,New York) and is a certified coach of plenty of international consulting companies. He is also a certified F.I.R.E. (Firewalking Institute of Research and Education) firewalk instructor.


Ritoldas has 23 years of experience in coaching. He has prepared and conducted more than 1500 trainings for people of different responsibility levels, from an efficient salesman to a leader or a politician of the highest rank.


Aida Gudaitienė

“Opportunities do not emerge from nowhere, they need to be created and earned. This requires insistence and courage”.

Indira Gandhi

Business consultant with a degree in psychology and 18 years of experience in sales and leadership. 


Aida has graduated from a medical school inKaunas, where she studied psychiatry. For the development of professional competency she has studied Gestalt psychotherapy at the Kaunas Gestalt Study Centre and completed programmes of the application of Gestalt Psychotherapy methods in work with individuals, groups, pairs, families and organizations. Aida has learnt from and cooperated with international training and consulting companies such as Wilson Learning (USA), Center for Management & Organizational Effectiveness (USA), HEC School of Management (France), Baltic Management Institute,UniversityofManagementand Economics.       


Experience in leadership and sales at an international company and managing sales team of “Sėkmės Laboratorija” allows Aida to professionally look at and to see into individual situations of a customer, to quickly find appropriate solutions and to foresee their results.


Her specializations include customer service, sales, management of conflict situations and stress. She is also a consultant of employee assessment.

Daiva Palovytė - Dovydaitienė
Project Manager – Consultant  

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed”.  
Booker T. Washington

In the company “Sėkmės Laboratorija” responsible for sales, also a consultant of employee assessment.   


Daiva has graduated from the Vilnius Pedagogical University where she studied psychology. At Mykolas Romeris University she achieved a Masters’ degree. She constantly takes part in different kinds of programmes of human resource management for improvement. Daiva has completed special leadership competency assessment and an individual’s psychological suitability for work assessment trainings according to Profiles International Programme. She has developed her knowledge with lecturers of companies like Brian Tracy International, Vain & Partners. She provides companies with consultations on the issues of employee training and assessment projects.    


The work since the foundation of “Sėkmės Laboratorija” leads to a simple conclusion; we are successful in case we follow the advice, which we would give to our customers. 


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