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For a Team

Every leader intends to build up a harmoniously working team, the members of which would strive together towards set aims, would create harmonious and friendly relationship and would preserve motivation even in the absence of their leader. Our prepared and conducted trainings / events for a team liberate the participants’ energy and ingenuity, which help to more vigorously pursue   personal aims as well as those set in the organization. During the team trainings techniques of theoretical-debatable and practical-empirical information rendering are properly employed, resulting not only in improvement of the team, but also in its encouragement and motivation.

The Main Programmes:  


Formula for an Effective Team  

Successful Communication and Cooperation

Fundamentals of Effective Feedback (the training can also be held remotely)

Change management

Team Values

Conflict decision and stress management


Other programmes are modified according to the specific needs of your organization. The best solutions are born only while working together. 

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