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Despite of a constantly changing modern world and developing technology, one subject remains for ever. It is a human being, the greatest asset in any business. Thus, his/her daily improvement is the strongest basis for a successful activity of a company. Fostering the said approach we have been working for more than seventeen years. All our services are also oriented to it: open and closed trainings, virtual trainings and consultations. 


Professionalism, consistency, practical application of gained skills are our values, pursued by us every day. This has been acknowledged by Lithuanian and foreign companies, famous and less famous, which consider “Sėkmės laboratorija” as a reliable partner while striving towards effective improvement and lasting, not random, success. We are proud that co-operation with foreign companies helped us to step in other countries' markets, which has resulted that training expert Ritoldas Narmontas is  invited to train managers in Sweden, Italy, Belarus.


We do not state that we are the best, but we know perfectly well that we are stronger than the others. Good to know that our clients are aware of this and appreciate it as well.


Ritoldas Narmontas (on the left) and Ken Blanchard the Developer of Situational Leadership II

October 2013, Singapore



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