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In the labyrinths of management solutions lack of clear development vision, uncertainty of changes, difficulties in settling rising conflicts are frequent phenomena. However, all these situations are manageable, if a professional help is provided at the right time and in the right place. A professional side-on insight is often the best reinforcement and encouragement while coming up with new solutions. 

The purpose of coaching is to discuss leader or employee development aims, to train and to enhance necessary leadership competencies, skills. While coaching personal meetings with managers take place, individual situations are discussed, appropriate behaviour is being modelled. If necessary, certain tasks are assigned, during the performance of which a consultant participates in all the sit uations (in meetings, interviews with employees). Thus, while analysing certain leadership situations and at the same time modelling possible solutions to the situation, striving towards the best one, leadership competencies are developed.      

Coaching is a process, which helps to mobilize inner potential, to clarify aims and to find the straightest way to their achievement, to create and to maintain inner balance at work and in life. 

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